About Us
Capel-le-Ferne is situated on the B2011 between Folkestone and Dover on the South East Coast of England. Capel sits on the top of a chalk cliff. Below, between the Folkestone to Dover railway and the cliff, lies the excellent walking area called the East Cliff & Warren Country Park

Capel is blessed with plenty of other footpaths, bridleways and tracks which we walk regularly. Walks are also organised in other local areas. We try and steer clear of roads as much as possible. Monthly Saturday morning walks are led throughout the year with monthly Friday evening walks led during the summer. These tend to last about two hours and the distance travelled is normally 4 to 5 miles. Afterwards we finish with a drink and maybe a meal at a local pub.

A small annual membership subscription is levied and collected in the New Year.

Benefits of walking can be
  • to improve your fitness and health
  • to reduce stress levels
  • to ensure the footpaths stay open
  • to enjoy the wonderful local countryside not seen from the road
  • to meet up with friends and enjoy social contact
What to bring. You will need suitable footwear and clothing for the walk you intend to join, and you should also bring some water or soft drink especially on warmer days. Leaders may ask people not to join the walk if they are inadequately equipped. When in doubt, contact the walk leader.

Dogs. On most walks dogs are welcome. If you do take a dog, please keep it under close control, especially on farmland, and on a short lead near livestock.